- low maintenance  

- Wide range of colour options

- Multi chambered profile

- Double glazed unit

- Triple glazed unit

- Soft coat low emissivity glass

- Gas filled, long life unit

- Warm edge spacer bar and super spacer bar available

- Thermally efficient centre-pane U-value can be as    low as 0.44W/m²K

- excellent airtightness rating

- Centrally operated locking system

- night vent position

- Trickle vent (or permavent) to give controllable   background ventilation

- reinforced with aluminium alloy for structural    rigidity where applicable

- Hardware available in brass or chrome

- Safety glazing in critical locations

- Available in High Performance or Prestige profile

- Arches, angles, bays and bows available

- Casement window acceptable for Secure by Design    projects

MJ Prestige uPVC Casement Dual Colour Green on White. Outside View & Inside View

MJ High Performance uPVC Casement Dark Woodgrain. Outside View & Open View

MJ Prestige uPVC Casement Oregon Pine. Outside View & Inside View

High Performance  uPVC

Prestige uPVC


251 Amhurst Rd, Hackney Downs, London N16 7UN, England


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