We are delighted to introduce our uPVC sliding sash window which is ideal either for the mature building or for the new build where traditional elegance is sought.  The window marries  the style and elegance of this timeless design to the best of modern technology to give a high performance window with class.   Features include

- low maintenance

- easy clean function  

- Wide range of colour options

- Multi chambered profile

- Double glazed unit

- Triple glazed unit

- Soft coat low emissivity glass

- Gas filled, long life unit

- Warm edge spacer bar and super spacer bar   available

- Thermally efficient centre-pane U-value can be as   low as 0.44W/m²K

- excellent airtightness rating

- Centrally operated locking system

- night vent position

- Trickle vent (or permavent) to give controllable   background ventilation

- reinforced with aluminium alloy for structural   rigidity where applicable

- Hardware available in brass or chrome - Safety glazing in critical locations

The window provides the beauty of the traditional vertical sliding sash window with the weather tightness, energy efficiency and all the indoor comfort provided by a modern casement window

Bay window sliding sash.  Outside View

Three section, outside view

Vertical plant on bar, outside view

Arched sliding sash. Vertical plant on bar. Inside view

Arched sliding sash. Vertical plant on bar. Outside view


251 Amhurst Rd, Hackney Downs, London N16 7UN, England


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