The Skypod Flat Roof Skylight

Revolutionise a flat-roof with a SAJE Skypod - Skylight

Imagine transforming your living space with a stylish skylight that lets the natural light flood in.

An inspirational modern feature that adds light and height to a room or living space. The Skypod Skylight is an innovation in skylights and has been specially crafted for the style aware home owner.

An Innovation in Design

In the past, most skylights have been a compromise. Aluminium systems are not only expensive, but the 'industrial' design isn't to everyone's taste. And PVC-U skylights have used existing conservatory systems, which look clunky because they're not designed to be skylights.

Before the Skypod from SAJE most skylights were constructed in Aluminium and where quite industrial in appearance and expensive. later constructions used standard double glazing elements which a best were perhaps even slightly unsightly!

The new SAJE Skypod has an admirable appearance is a cost effective and also can be made to match your existing UPVC doors and windows.

Choosing a SAJE Skypod provides:

  • Very high levels of energy efficiency. A U value of 1 is attainable, helping you to save money of your home heating bills.

  • Exceptional levels of design engineering, technical innovation and quality..

  • The pitch is fixed at 20 degrees.

  • A choose of glass colours including bronze, blue, natural and clear.

  • With all the choices of colours and styles so can be sure you find the perfect Skylight to suit you.

  • Our 10 year guarantee.

About our Appointments!

If we supply you with a quotation, you will not be followed up, we will leave you alone to make up your own mind, we do not sell double glazing to you,you buy double glazing from us - this is a promise.

Above all, we understand that your home is your most important asset and that nothing must be allowed to go wrong with your double glazing, hence our company motto 'nihil summimus - assume nothing'.


A strip of heaven


Perfect for larger rooms and corridors, longlights are bands of modular skylights that provide attractive lighting conditions.


Sleek external profile

The prefabricated modular
flashing ensures fast and easy
installation as well as visual and functional consistency.


Let the light in

Elegant, minimalistic interior profile allows for maximum daylight and doesn’t detract from the building’s overall design.




An impression of openness

Ridgelights are the perfect solution for a wide variety of circulation spaces, gallery spaces and small internal courts where people meet or pass in transit. Ridgelights are mounted on a rail system that guarantees fast installation and a safe, economical building process.


A clear view

Ridgelight’s elegant, modern exterior lets you add light to your building design without adding unwanted visual noise.


Unobtrusive internal design 

We’ve integrated all wiring, motors and other elements into the frame of the skylight to allow for a sleek profile, delivering more light into the areas below.



Change the way you

look at indoor light


Similar to longlights, northlights are bands of Best Deal Windows Skylights. The characteristic upright design is primarily targeted installations that are directed towards the northern hemisphere for soft and reflected lighting. Northlights are ideal for galleries and museums as well as schools, offices and industrial facilities, where direct glare is unwanted.


Streamlined external profile 

The prefabricated modular flashing is perfectly integrated in the roof surface. All flashings are easily installed externally, eliminating the need for any interior work.


A new standard

Northlight allows you to add aesthetic skylights to create spaces you never thought possible.



A symphony 
of natural light


Atrium roof glazing consists of multiple rows of ridgelights or longlights, supported only by structural beams, forming large glazed areas of identical looking venting and fixed units. 

Designing your building with atrium will help you benefit from all the functionalities offered by Best Deal Windows Skylights, such as integrated chain actuators, blinds and low pitch. This comprehensive functionality allows your atrium to perform much better than most traditional roof glazing.


Easy maintenance

The valley gutter between the rows of skylights offers easy access to external maintenance and cleaning of the skylights.


Full functionality 

The Atrium gives you design freedom while maintaining all of the functionality of ridgelights or longlights.