French Doors

Installing French doors can be the ideal solution for openings that are too wide for conventional single doors and too narrow for sliding patio doors. This option allows users to make the most of a difficult situation, in terms of accessibility and attractiveness.

French doors provide easy access to your garden or a divider between your house and conservatory, without the need to create a huge amount of space for the doors to open. This particular type of entrance is made up of two saloon-like doors, which create a large opening space, without the need for a huge clear area of space for the swing action of the doors.

Made primarily from glass, extending from top to bottom, French doors provide a magnificent view of the outdoors and allow natural light to illuminate your home. At Sheerwater Glass, we have an incredible range of French doors for sale in Surrey, manufactured to exacting standards from either UPVC or Aluminium.


A Sheerwater Glass French door is amongst the most secure that you can have installed – you won't have to worry about security issues.  Our French doors are manufactured with a high-security multipoint locking system as standard. The system employs eight points of activation contact along with hinge bolts with the doorframe, which makes these doors almost impossible to penetrate. You can rest assured that your new French doors are extremely secure.


Installing French doors in your home will provide a practical, secure solution to gain easy access to outside space giving that continental ambience. At Sheerwater Glass we have a wide variety of colours and styles to match the style of any property. 

With an array of finishes and additional features, you really can customise a set of French doors that are totally unique to your taste. Give your home some glamour today and contact one of our helpful consultants to see what we can do for you.


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