At Global Aluminium Solutions, we know that each type of aluminium railings needs a different type of block in order to ensure its sturdiness and durability. This is why, before starting on any project, we carefully research not only the railing, but also the surface in which it will be mounted. While rubber blocks are usually the safest bet, they can also differ in length and thickness and it takes a good professional to choose the optimal one.We are sure that we can provide you with a future-proof and safe installation of the aluminium railing of your choice. This is why we can afford to offer a limited lifetime guarantee to every project that we handle. Call or email Global Aluminium Solutions today, get your free quote and learn more about our products, our team and the countless ways we can help you fulfill the construction of your dreams.


Stairs have more than a functional purpose; they can also be the decorative centerpiece of a home or a commercial building, but, above all, they need to be safe. To ensure safety, one needs to care about more than the material used. When it comes to aluminium stairs, the installation and the blocks used are of great importance.

Irrespective of the project, Global Aluminium Solutions only uses quality materials, from the aluminium in the stairs to the last block. Furthermore, all our materials are made in Canada and undergo numerous quality and sturdiness checks, aside from being in accordance with every rule and regulation. When you choose Global Aluminium Solutions, you choose the utmost quality and professionalism, as well as a team of dedicated people who are able to come up with unique designs and perform installations of aluminium railings in any conditions. Contact us today and enjoy a timely delivery and unbeatable prices.


When it comes to glass interior railings, everything from the aluminium and glass used to the very blocks used for the installation and the installation itself need to be flawless. After all, glass interior railings have a well-defined aesthetic purpose, so nothing can be left to chance. Besides, whether these railings are used in a commercial or a residential building, safety is an important factor.

Global Aluminium Solutions uses only high-quality blocks for the installation of glass interior railings. All of our materials are made in Canada. Thus, when you choose us as your provider for aluminium railings, you not only enjoy premium quality, but also support the local market. Your safety and comfort are our number one priorities, so we always make sure that every installation we make and every railing we ship is in perfect shape. Contact Global Aluminium and ask for a free price quotations. We guarantee response  to every inquiry in 24 hours or less.


If you are searching for the perfect combination of materials for your balcony, you should be aware of the fact that the railing material will influence your outdoor experience, the way you relax and enjoy the surroundings.


Besides, if you choose thinner and smaller railings, you will have more opportunities to dress up that space just as you want to. Global Aluminium Solution recommends the perfect material for all of the above: aluminium balconies. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Aluminium is very lightweight. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the structural issues of your balcony, since the aluminium railings will add very little to the existing weight.

  • Aluminium is very versatile. Unlike wood or other metals, it can easily be curved and molded in order to reach the exact pattern you want and the perfect visual effect.

  • They can come in any shape or color you want them to. This makes it very easy to match them with the rest of the balcony or the building and create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

  • Aluminium behaves well in any weather. Most importantly, it hardly gets heated from the sun during summer, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands if you lean on the railings.

  • Aluminium railings can come in a variety of sizes. You can opt for slim ones if you wish to have a better view of your surroundings or for thicker ones if you value your privacy first and foremost. Don’t worry about reliability, both choices offer the sturdiness you need. After all, no one likes to compromise when it comes to safety.

  • Unlike wood, aluminium will never catch fire. So you can feel free to barbecue right next to the railings of your balcony.

  • Aluminium is ideal for extreme winters. This metal can support up to 50 pounds of snow per square inch. Besides, it will never rust, which makes it better than any other metal in terms of investment durability.

  • For a more elegant effect, the aluminium railings can be combined with glass panes. This will offer you extreme transparency and complete freedom to enjoy your surroundings. Even if transparency is not your thing, there is no need to dismiss the glass; you can opt for colored tempered glass and thus get the best of both worlds.

  • Aluminium is durable and low maintenance. Once the railings have been installed, you don’t need to do anything else in order for them to maintain their appearance.

Global Aluminium Solutions has vast experience in designing, manufacturing and installingaluminium balconies for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Browse our online catalogue, choose your ideal model and then call us for a free quote. If you can’t find the perfect design for you, contact us nonetheless and we will be more than happy to come up with a new model, custom-made to fit your needs.  We guarantee you will receive a response in 24 hours or less, as well as the best price in the Ontario area.