These are very special windows that can rotate by 360° around an axis. They are generally preferred as they do not occupy a lot of space in the inner setting while operating the windows. Half the window is opened inwards while the other half is opened outwards. It can be implemented in four-corner windows, however, the ideal is to implement it in round [circular) windows. Depending the requirement of the customer, it can be implemented as rotating around a horizontal axis and it can also be Implemented as rotating around a vertical axis. They can be stopped at the desired angle around 360°. Since they can be locked in open and transom positions in addition to the closed position, it provides safety against being banged as a result of wind or air current. The handle Is located in either right or left side or in the lower part depending on the operative axis. To open it it is necessary that you rotate the handle with one hand, pull the safety latch with the other hand and push the sash outwards. If you would like to continue to rotate it, it is necessary that you release the lever, hold the lever that began to open inwards from its opposite end with your other hand and exert pressure depending on the rotation direction. When the movement continues along 360°, the sash will remain in the ajar position as having approached you from the frame by around 5-6 cm. This position is the fully open position and the locking has been actualized with the safety latch released. When you would like to close it, you should pull and release the safety latch and push the sash with one hand to rotate it in the reverse direction. The sash part that is activated outside will approach you. When the handle is close enough to reach, you should grab the handle, pull it towards yourself and ensure the completion of the rotation action. After the sash has pressed the frame on the handle side, pull and rotate the handle. When the sash is in certain positions, the safety latch on one of its two hinges will automatically be released and locking will be enabled. In that frame, the sash should not be moved without pulling the safety latch. Otherwise, the system may fail due to the moment effect. Damages that cannot be compensated for can occur in profiles, hinge guides or the espagnolette equipment. Uncontrolled use may result in injuries.